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Please read carefully before signing. Any variance from these conditions will automatically void the contract and the live foal guarantee.

I hereby confirm my reservation to the stallion CZAR'S LEGEND for the year _________. I have enclosed the booking fee in the amount of $200 and I understand that this booking fee is not refundable and is applicable to the breeding fee.


The tentative breeding season runs from March 1 through August 1 of each year. There may be exceptions in the length of the breeding season depending on the needs of the mare and stallion owner. Due to the showing and training needs of our warmblood stallions there may be certain dates that we cannot ship cooled semen. Any shipments needed on such dates could be accommodated with frozen semen or the mare can be safely and easily recycled with prostaglandin. Any shipments needed after August 1 could be accommodated with frozen semen or, in special circumstances, we may be able to ship cooled semen. We can in no way guarantee that cooled semen will be available after August 1. If mare owner chooses frozen semen then mare owner will be responsible for the frozen semen container rental fee, all shipping expenses and any unused straws of frozen semen must be returned to Prairie Thunder Ranch or their designated lab. (If for any reason frozen semen is not available then your mare will have to be recycled so she can be accommodated with cooled semen).


The stud fee is $800 and is due before the first breeding.

Shipping Container:

There are two options the mare owner may choose from; an equitainer or a disposable shipping container.

1. The Equitainer: A $300 container deposit is due before breeding. All semen transportation (shipping charges) and the collection fee will be deducted from this deposit and the balance will be refunded upon return of all containers and of the breeding passport signed by a licensed veterinarian. The equitainer must be returned, in good condition, no more than six days after its arrival at the veterinarian's office, for each insemination. If the container deposit is all used then any addition shipping charges or collection fees will be billed to the mare owner.

2. Disposable container: The mare owner does have the option of using a disposable container instead of the equitainer. If the mare owner chooses this option they will be charged a $150 deposit. The stallion owner must receive this payment prior to shipment of the semen. This container is disposable and does NOT need to be returned to us. The actual cost of the disposable container, collection fees and shipping fees will be deducted from this deposit and the balance will be refunded upon return of the breeding passport signed by a licensed veterinarian verifying that your mare is in foal or is not in foal. If the container deposit is all used then any additional charges will be billed to the mare owner.

A $50 lab fee (collection fee) per collection will be taken out of the container deposit or billed to the mare owner if the container deposit is all used.

All billing statements shall be paid to Prairie Thunder Ranch by the due date listed on the bill. Interest at a rate of one percent (5%) per month shall be charged on all balances unpaid and overdue for 15 days and the customer hereby agrees to pay such interest and concurs that said interest is a reasonable charge on overdue accounts. If the mare owner fails to pay any amount due hereunder for more than 45 days after the billing date, Prairie Thunder Ranch/stallion owner is not obliged to perform further under the contract.

Prairie Thunder Ranch assumes responsibility only to deliver live semen from the stallion in viable condition at the time of delivery to the mare owner. If the quality of the stallion's semen is deemed inadequate by both the receiving veterinarian and Prairie Thunder Ranch then Prairie Thunder Ranch will pursue compensation for the transportation expenses. In such a case Prairie Thunder Ranch must be notified immediately upon semen delivery. The semen must be handled and administered by a licensed veterinarian on the day of delivery to the mare herein described. Prairie Thunder Ranch will not be held liable if the semen is not viable upon delivery to mare owner due to problems in shipping, in example, if the semen gets lost or damaged in shipping. Prairie Thunder Ranch will get a new shipment out to mare owner as soon as we are notified that the original shipment was lost or damaged in shipping. In this instance mare owner will be responsible for all collection charges and only for the shipping charges on the shipment that was not lost or damaged in shipment.

The mare must be examined by a licensed veterinarian between 35 and 55 days (or between 18 and 30 days with an ultrasound) after the last day inseminated. The stallion owner must be notified at this time as to the pregnancy status of the mare.

Live Foal Guarantee: Should this mare be found by a licensed veterinarian to be open at any time after insemination, the mare may receive more shipments of semen as requested until the end of the current breeding season. The mare owner may substitute another mare at any time during the breeding season if it is determined by a licensed veterinarian that the original mare is unable to conceive, and a written statement showing the veterinary findings on the original mares breeding problems is mailed or faxed to Prairie Thunder Ranch. Prairie Thunder Ranch must receive the written statement of findings on the original mare from the veterinarian before any shipments of semen will be sent for the substitute mare.

If after the full breeding season of ______ neither the first (original) nor the second (substitute) mare has produced a foal which can stand up and nurse, the mare owner will be entitled to additional breedings during each successive breeding season until a live foal is produced, or until three breeding seasons have passed, whichever comes first. The breeding must be done in consecutive years or the contract will become null and void. This is applicable only if a written statement of details by a licensed veterinarian is mailed or faxed to Prairie Thunder Ranch within 10 days of having a foal that could not stand and nurse and did not survive. In the case of abortion or absorption of the foal the written statement of details by a licensed veterinarian must be mailed or faxed to Prairie Thunder Ranch within 10 days of noticing such occurrence. If such statement is not received within 10 days, the guarantee becomes null and void. A new booking fee of $200 is due at the beginning of each breeding season.

In the event of the sale, or relocation of said mare, or owner simply wishes not to re-breed said mare, a substitute will not be allowed, and no refund shall be due from Prairie Thunder Ranch under any circumstances. In the event of the sale or death of the stallion or if the stallion becomes permanently unfit for service and the mare does not deliver a live foal that stands and nurses, the mare owner may elect to use a substitute stallion of the same breed, rebreed with frozen semen (if available), or have the stud fee, minus the booking fee, refunded.

Scheduling a shipment: It is essential to call Prairie Thunder Ranch on the first day of your mares heat to schedule her transported semen. We must have notification before 10am Mountain Time zone the day before the semen is needed (i.e. we should be notified in the morning, on the day before the mare needs to be inseminated). If semen is needed on the same day as requested then semen can usually be sent by airline and the mare owner will be charged an addition $100 for each airline shipment. For counter-to-counter shipments we must have notification before 10am Mountain Time zone the day the semen is needed. Mare owner understands that because of the current world situation semen may not always be available by airline.

Execution of papers: Stallion owners guarantee to sign any and all papers connected with this contract. However no papers will be signed until the contract is completed, all bills have been paid and the stallion owner has been notified of the birth of the foal. It is the mare owner's responsibility to verify the registration requirements for the foal in the registry selected. Stallion owner agrees to provide one breeding certificate to the registry requested by the Mare owner. Stallion owner reserves the right to hold the breeding certificate until all unpaid charges are paid and all insemination paperwork has been completed and returned to Prairie Thunder Ranch. Czar's Legend is approved for breeding with the RPSI and the AWS. The registry you would like to register with is: ______________

The mare owner understands that the MARE BREEDING PASSPORT, the MARE INSEMINATION RECORD, and the DELIVERY CERTIFICATE must be signed and returned to Prairie Thunder Ranch as per instructions in order for this contract to be guaranteed. These forms will be sent to the veterinarian with the semen.

As the owner of the mare, I fully understand that it is my responsibility to see that my mare is in sound breeding condition before insemination and that she remains in good condition to successfully carry a healthy foal.

As the mare owner, I fully understand and accept the risks of artificial insemination and pregnancy, and I agree to hold Prairie Thunder Ranch, its owners, managers, and employees, as well as the stallion owners and agent harmless in connection with this insemination. Mare owner agrees to assume all responsibility for the condition of the mare and shall bear all risk of loss or damage to the mare whether by death, disease, injury, infection or otherwise, and by any cause whatsoever, and therefore agrees to hold Prairie Thunder Ranch, its owners, managers, and employees, as well as the stallion owners and agent harmless for any and all damages associated therewith. The mare owner hereby agrees to pay all expenses and attorney's fees incurred by Prairie Thunder Ranch and/or the stallion owner in defending any claims for which the mare owner has agreed to release, discharge, indemnify and hold harmless Prairie Thunder Ranch, its owners, managers, and employees as well as the stallion owners and agent.

I understand that there is a slight possibility that because of excessive demand or unusual circumstances, on certain days, we may need to reschedule your mare. (Mares can be safely and easily recycled with prostaglandin). In such cases your mare may also be accommodated with frozen semen (if available). Prairie Thunder Ranch reserves the right to manage stallions for maximum reproductive efficiency as we see fit.

This contract cannot be assigned or transferred by the mare owner.

This contract shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the state of South Dakota and its validity and administration shall be governed by said laws. Mare owner understands that they are doing business in the state of South Dakota. If any dispute should arise from this agreement, such disputes will be settled according to South Dakota law and will be arbitrated and settled in the county of Meade, South Dakota. The stallion owner and Prairie Thunder Ranch reserve the right to collect any fees incurred while settling any such dispute.

The parties agree that the terms and conditions stated herein set forth the entire agreement of the parties.


Name of Mare: __________________________________________Reg. #____________________
Breed:________________________Owner's Name: ______________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________________________
E-mail: _____________________________________________________Phone:_______________
Owner's Signature: ___________________________________________Date:________________
**If Owner is a minor a parent or guardian must sign.
             Stallion Owner or Agent

*The Mare Breeding Passport, the Mare Insemination Record, and the Delivery Certificate will be sent to the Veterinarian with the Equitainer.
*Please make all checks payable to Prairie Thunder Ranch.

Please return with the booking fee, Identification Certificate (or one clear color photo of the
mare if she has Paint/Pinto coloring), and a copy of registration papers (if registered) to:
                                                  Prairie Thunder Ranch
                                                  12873 Bighorn Road
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