About Prairie Thunder Ranch

Prairie Thunder Ranch is a performance horse breeding farm.

We raise Holsteiners, Warmbloods and a few sporthorse crosses. Our goal is to always produce exceptional sporthorses with the correct build and personality to perform at the highest levels of competition along with the disposition to be suitable for amatures. Our ranch is situated on the beautiful grass lands of western South Dakota. We have a great view of the Black Hills and of the magestic Bear Butte. Bear Butte is sacred to the indians of this area, and it is also quite beautiful. The advantage of living on the plains is the availability of good grass lands for grazing the horses and for cutting our own hay. Over the spring and summer months the young horses and the broodmares enjoy their days grazing on about 150 acres of good grass with ponds and creeks to play in and drink from. In the winter months all the horses are moved closer to the barn and are free fed hay from big round bales that we cut and bale ourselves. All of our horses are people friendly and are handled on a regular basis.

We usually have purebreds and partbreds available for sale and breeding. If we do not have what you are looking for please feel free to contact us anyway. We may be able to refer you to someone who does have the horse you are looking for. Please look around, enjoy yourself, and visit often. Please enjoy the slideshow we put together below, of some random pictures from our ranch.

E-mail: ranch@prairiethunder.com