In-Utero Foals

The following is the crosses we have due in 2021. To see more information on any of the mares or stallions below just select their picture or their name. We are willing to sell some of our foals in-utero. Please contact us for details.

Chicardo's picture


2003 Holsteiner Stallion - (Clinton/Corofino I/Redfort)

Bailerina PT

2009 PREMIUM Holsteiner mare (Cicero/Le Santo)

due April 30, 2021

Dheputy's picture


2009 Bay Oldenburg Stallion - (Dauphin x Rotspon x Armin)

Sadelia PT

2016 Premium Westfalen mare (Sagnol/Ferro)

due May 3, 2021


E-mail: ranch@prairiethunder.com